EnQii RemoteTransfer™ : Advanced Remote Content Distribution and Management for Outdoor & Retail digital media networks.
RemoteTransfer™ is EnQii's state-of-the-art remote content management and delivery network. Designed for media owners, retailers and distributors to create dynamic, connected out-of-home advertising or in-store private retail channel networks.

Highly secure and reliable, RemoteTransfer™ provides Dynamic Update Capability, Cost-effective Content Management and Delivery, Higher Promotional Effectiveness using Real Time Marketing Feedback, and full System Accountability.

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Mar 09

Player Firmware Release Note 2.98 is now available. See RT Help for details.

July 08

Player Firmware 2.96 is now available. See RT Help for details.

Jan 08

RemoteTransfer 2.9 and Player Firmware 2.9 are now available. New functions include weather, geographical reporting, full Hi-Def ability, and much more. See RT Help for details.

Oct 07

New support for added screens . See updated Firmware Release Notes available or RT HELP.

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